Sweet Pinky

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Atlantuya Sharibuu

For the past few days, all newspaper, I means ALL… covered murder trial of Atlantuya Sharibuu like that the only news we all Malaysian interested to read. Front page for almost one whole week…! Seriously, I can’t figure out why it becomes such a big polemic. Ok, it is a very tragic murder incident, no doubt about that, but all media attention channel to this case, why?
Abdul Razak Baginda is not a big celebrity, he just a political analyst, that girl also just a part time model. The big excitement about Najib and his wife involvement also not contribute much, since no mainstream media dare to touch that angle of news. I also can’t recall any international conflict occurs between Malaysia and Mongolia government due to this case.
This media hype, really make me sick. And the best thing is it probably will last for few months or worst…years.
If the story behind the death of that young girl really as juicy and most political observer believes, what we can expect from our mainstream media coverage? Definitely they will cover up all the juicy part of the story, it will end up as normal murder case and hopefully somebody will be prosecuted for his/her wrong doing.
Remember case Hanif Basri and Norita Shamsudin in 2003? With all the fuss about VIP or VVIP involvement, nothing interesting really happen.
Maybe I’m blind to see the main motive or if I want to be paranoid as most of us I would say, some big shark directed the whole high budget ‘drama’.
This is my answer to few friends’ emails ask me to write about this issue.