Sweet Pinky

Sunday, April 4, 2010


nice color..my peberet...

huhuksss i'm dilemma right now... i will be engage by end of this April..i da booked Kak Awin Seindah Wajah for makeup with photograph...it's deal!.. but at the same time another make up artist recommend me another make up artist who consider more better Kak IANSham.. so which one aaa should i hire?...huhuksssss pleasee help me,guys!.. both same price!...

Kak Awin =Rm600

Kak IAN Sham =Rm600

p/s Kak Sue make up artist pun cantek gak!harga pun more cheaper RM250 jer..tapi syg jadualnyer clashh!!..i lkeeee her magic touch!!!


NahWaL said...

hai rina. mmm.susah kan nak pleh . tapi dah bayar depo kat kak awin belom?

for me, kalao u nak pleh, tengokla u nak apa. i think ian can make u look like a model. he's good with the smokey eyes and his foundation is good. for me, i would take him kalau time kawen.ala ala natural kan?nampak fresh gitu.

but for time engagement i prefer kak awin/anis. sebab dia play with colours and nampak youthful . but foundation dia a bit tebal la, tu je. and nampak la tebal. but thats just my opinion. :).

happy choosing.

MiSs YusRina said...

salam NahWal..oo really?..lum byar deposit lag..supposely must make payament by next week... i took package with photograph... with kak awin RM1500 with the story book but wit Kak IaN RM1400 with story book...i think mybe i prefer Kak Ian kot..lgipun she's MUA yg da lame da der magical touch coz makeup artist tu recommend for me mentions that Kak Awin nyer foundation tak bape smooth like Kak Ian..so alang2 pricenya same,beteer choose Kak IAn"..nie kata2 make up artist Kak Sue...so i preferr KAK IAN!..yeahhhh by the way thankss for ur advice!

Anonymous said...

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