Sweet Pinky

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Terry Wagner wrote; In every moment of life, you have the power to choose who you are, and who you are becoming. This happens primarily in small ways...the conversations you hold; the way you honor your commitments; the practice of telling the truth, and being present with yourself; and the mindfulness and caring that you bring into your daily actions and activities. It's not too late to choose to become the person you always wanted to look up to and admire. Look at the people who are in your life. Do they cause you to examine yourself, your life, and your vision for yourself. Are you being stretched to go beyond what is safe, familiar, and comfortable...and do something BOLD with your life? Or are they pulling you back to the self that you left long time ago? You build a GREAT life by the choices you make and the chances you are willing to take! Commit to GREATNESS. You deserve ~ Les Brown

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