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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Candy Shopper Tote

I've always been looking for a casual shopping bag where I could fill it up to the brink with my "shopping thropies"...and I found it!! This practical canvas shopper tote comes in the exciting funky designs and is very durable for your everyday use.
The size is just right to fit a magazine, your cosmetic pouch, wallets, drinking bottle etc etc...AND the best thing is..it comes with a zipper! so what are you waiting for? I'll let the pictures do the talking now..check em' out :)

* Diz entry edit from diz blog http://myliltrinkets.blogspot.com/2009/09/canvas-shopper-tote.html

Let check it out...really AWESOME...ehehe..aku pun teruja lalu memilih salah satu bag tuu....jummm shopping online..adeii bag addict tol aku diz month..termasuk bag ni da bag ke-3 aku beli utk bulan ni..

Canvas body with soft rope handle (very comfy grip n carry)
Handles are approx. 10.5"
Interior has 1 zipped compartment for all the little extras
1 handphone pocket and 1 pen pocket
Size : approx. 16" x 10" x 5"
Material : Canvas

Price : RM35 (New price!Limited time offer only!!)


p palang s: adeiii tensen lor..since Thursday nk upload pic raye dan pic2 lain...MAXIS broadband ni really damn sloww.....oohwwwwww nk tukarrrrrrrrr..enough lorr for 1 year i using it......ushhh

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