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Friday, July 17, 2009

Cupcakes for My Beloved Dad...

spesel cupcakes from ur daughter...muakks

BMW Car with M&M and jelly

Salam alls....

ehehe herewith I attachedkan cupcake yg telah di order since Tuesday..14 July..spesel for my dad... ermm besday my dad on 16 July..since aku keje till diz Friday..so sorry abah kite sume will celebrate lewat seari bersame kay.....ermm HAPPY BELATED ABAH!!!!.....Luv u so muchhhhhhh.....muaaaakkssss
hurmm aku create spesel design BMW nie coz kete peberet my dad..hikhik... notty kan anak abah sorang nie....abah, eventhough nk redeem that gift in reality lambattt skit, kite mam cupcakes dulu yerrr....yeahhhhh!! hope whatever ur dreams may come true!!!!
p/s thanks for Maslina, ex-classmate Teknokrat UTM...coz accept my order..

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