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Monday, July 13, 2009

Honda Icon..

Honda Icon Malaysia. It is now several months after AP-Honda launched its icon Honda scooter, as the main target market for Malaysia adolescent population. A movement of the agreement 4, 2-cooled engine valve SOHC 108cc, Honda energies icon. The dislocation of the cylinder is accumulation 50m by 55m m m hole and rub lightly, which generate a compression ratio of 9.5:1 than air-cooling se basa en - air - in what forced cooling air is forced by a fan to cool various engine parts, which makes the icon of self-Honda engine overheating. The transmission for the icon is Honda V-Matic belt-drive, with a gear ratio of 2.68 - 0.85, the transmission system of handing the belt to the rear wheel energy efficient and produce less sound for driving comfortable and relaxed .
p/s cun gak kan moto nie...ase nk amik lesen motor la..hahaksss... lalala


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