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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mane satukah pilihan kalbuku???...


which one aaaaa?....huhukss

HTC S630 is also known by it’s code name, HTC Cavalier. It features Windows Mobile 6 Standard edition, 2.4 inches display and integrated QWERTY keyboard.

HTC S630 Tech Specs:

Manufacturer: HTCModel: HTC Cavalier/S630
Screen Size: 2.4 inch
Screen Resolution: 320 by 240 pixel (QVGA)
Dimensions: 4.4 inches tall, 2.4 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick (112.5 mm x 62.5 mm x 13.5 mm)
Weight: 4.2 ounces
Camera Resolution: 2 Megapixels
Memory: 64 MB RAM, and 128 MB of ROM for storage
Communications: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS, GSM, EDGE, HSDPA, UMTS, WCDMAKeyboard Type: QWERTY
OS: Windows Mobile 6
StandardStorage Card: microSD

HP iPAQ hw6920 is Pocket PC phone which offers multiple wireless connecticity: GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WiFi/Bluetooth, but also has GPS receiver built-in.

HP iPAQ hw6920 Tech Specs:
Manufacturer: HP
Model: HP iPAQ hw6900
Mobile Messenger
Screen Size: 3
Screen Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
Camera Resolution: 1.3 Megapixels
Memory: 45 MB available for persistent user storage; 64 MB SDRAM for running applications
Communications: Bluetooth, IrDA, EDGE, GPRS, GSM, Wi-FiBattery
Type: Lithium-ion 1200 mAh removable/rechargeacle
Keyboard Type: QWERTY
OS: Windows Mobile 5.0
GPS: Yes
Storage Card: MiniSD

ermmm dilemanya aku...nk beli gadget yang ner satu erk..hmm either Apple atau Blackberry atau adakah HTC n HP?....ehehe da lame benar aku pkai hphone skg N70..hikhik.... ni pun present from my dad...hihik..teringin nk beli gadjet dgn duit sendiri laks kan...mm so memandangkan aku der 2 number Maxis n Celcom..cian kat number Celcom aku..terpinggir jer..gara2 my bro amik my second n third hset..ermmm xpela..kakak kenala beralah....mmm Sony Ericsson n hset pink Chinese aku tue..sygg gak...tu la duit sendiri..xpe xpe...
p/s kengkawan kasila ur opinion..which one more better....please....

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